It's worth a Cargo Bikes to Buy!
Dolly Cargo Bike

Parents are constantly with their children untwerwegs: Whether on the way to school or back, kindergarten, in friends, in the playground, from gym classes or in the park. Have you had enough of this stress? You do not want to always be by public transport or car dependent?

We offer an alternative: the cargo bike


Feel free. In the last bike fits of children, shopping, toys, dog everything in. The children will enjoy the ride in the cargo bike more than annoying car rides. More than 4 children have space in the cargo bike. And still remains room for shopping etc. Forget fuel costs, congestion and lack of parking.

The cargo bike offers many advantages:


You do not have to worry about their children: The children sit facing forward in a stable box. So you can see what your children are doing at any time.

Suitable for babies

they want to take their baby in the cargo bike? No problem: Transform the tricycle easy for children to Cart


they think about the environment! Especially at shorter distances, the car can be avoided. The cargo bike is environmentally friendly. The environment will thank you.

Beautiful moments

the tricycle will bring incomparable moments you and your children.