Why a Cargo Bike ?

Parents are always with their children untwerwegs: Whether on the way to school or back, kindergarten, with friends, on the playground, from gym classes or in the park. Have you had enough of this stress? You do not want to be always by public transport or car dependent?

We offer an alternative:
the cargo bike

More than 4 children have space in the cargo bike. And yet there is still room for purchases, etc. Forget fuel costs, congestion and lack of parking.


Feel free. In the cargo bike fits of children, shopping, toys, dog everything in. Children will enjoy the ride in the cargo bike more than annoying road trips.

Wide choice of models

The load cycle offers a wide range of models. If you want a fast, agile two-wheeled or rather the classic tricycle?

Electric tricycle

Need an electric drive for your cargo bike? The electric cargo bike relieved by "tailwind" and is therefore a good alternative to the car. It is particularly suitable for the transport of heavy purchases. We find a cargo bike that exactly fits you!

The Lastenfarrad Shop, Berlin City

Das Lastenfarrad Berlin City

The trike offers you many benefits:


Cycling is fun! With a cargo bike is always room for passengers available. Barbecue in the park? Perfect with the cargo bike, because everything fits in barbecue, charcoal, 2 cases of beer and much much more.

Beautiful Moments

The cargo bike will bring incomparable moments you and your children. The trip to the park may at any time be extended for a picnic, thanks to the large volume transport of the load wheels.


Especially suitable for heavy shopping or small removals. 2 cases of beer are loosely packed with lots of air.
We want to combine fun and utility with the cargo bike. With our electric cargo bike, we have optimized the step between car and bicycle. Transporting a lot of luggage, while maintaining mobility (bicycle) and ride comfort through electronic power assist (Car).

Save Money

Tell it to the gas station, the emissions inspection, the reunion expensive insurance, taxes, repairs and other costs.
Our cargo bikes hold out a lot that we Guarantee!


You do not have to worry about their children: The children sit in the front in a sturdy box. So you see each time what your children are doing.

Think of the environment!

Especially for short distances, the car can be avoided. The trike is environmentally friendly. The environment will thank you.

Also suitable for babies

You want to take her baby in the cargo bike? No problem: Transform the cargo bike just to go to the stroller.

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